Frequently Asked Questions about Amy Garden Weighted Blankets

Is it really glass beads?

Yes, it is eco-friendly glass beads.

Is this blanket hot to sleep under?

it is not, I was kinda worried about that because I sleep warm, but I don’t get warm at all.

What size do I need for a king size bed

The choice of weighted blanket depends on weighted and size. Different people have different body weight, so if you need a big one, recommend size 60*80, there’re two weight 15 lbs and 20 lbs, it’s depends on your body weight. 


If getting a larger size, such as a 80x60, wouldn’t you need it to be heavier to compensate for the weight being more spread out & having two people?

60″x80″,15 lbs suit for 140-150 lbs Individual, we also have 60″x80″, 20 lbs for 190-200 lbs Individual, choose the blanket that weighs about 10%-15% of your body weight plus one pound. You can choose a suitable weighed blanket according to your weight. 

Do you need the duet cover for the blanket to work

No, but the cover helps keep the blanket clean. I can’t imagine washing the weighted blanket much since it’s so heavy. I can just take the cover off and wash it.