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About amy gARDEN

Amy Garden Blanket aims at representing an eclectic lifestyle brand, where craftsmanship, luxury and style intertwine.

Welcome www.amygardenblanket.com. The site is managed by Amy Garden Blanket. This is a home of quality, elegant, unique and stylish Weighted Blanket. We sell all our products to local customers and our global clients. Our beliefs fuel our commitment to offer this impressive range of brands and products; we believe that everyone should have access to quality and distinct Weighted Blanket, regardless of where they are, who they are, and how much they can spend. All our products are stylish, elegant and distinct. Over the years, we have developed a keen eye not only for elegant and unique products, but also a fine workmanship that is all about giving our customers maximum comfort with style.

Our exquisite collection has enough unique treasures for everyone to take home. So, endeavour to explore every nook and corner because at each corner, we have got a special package that is guaranteed to make your day.


Our vision is to not only sell Weighted Blanket as ordinary useable products only but also a high end gifts because all our products will be fashionable and luxuriously wrapped.


To be the most sought after company offering quality brands of Weighted Blanket. To move from being just a family business serving just our immediate community to serving the whole of China and beyond with our range of quality Weighted Blanket.  


To be the most sought after Weighted Blanket store offering un-matched services in curetting a wide range of fashionable, elegant and luxurious Weighted Blanket.


We focus on delivering excellent service to all our customers both locally and globally.


Amy Garden Blanket aims at representing an eclectic lifestyle brand, where craftsmanship, luxury and style intertwine. We aspire to sell quality products by constantly putting together a wide array of unique and quality brands of best Weighted Blanket. Amy Garden Blanket embodies luxury at its finest. Each product is unique, character-filled and distinct.


We are a lifestyle brand. We offer quality Weighted Blanket on a higher end and more luxury. We curate and sell a tightly-edited array of quality Weighted Blanket and we adhere strictly to our brand values. We have a wide array of products to meet the needs of everyone at all levels. No matter what your Weighted Blanket needs are, you have come to the right place to get real worth for your money. All our products are sourced from quality makers and we can guarantee the standard of our products.

We offer a host of unique services that you won’t find anywhere else! We have a fast and reliable delivery system and we’re constantly looking for ways to make shopping as easy and enjoyable as possible. We aren’t everywhere but we’re pretty darn close.


  • Our Extensive Collection of Unique and Quality Weighted Blanket

We have a wide range of unique and quality Weighted Blanket to choose from, we offer one of the biggest assortments of quality Weighted Blanket.

  • Our Helpful Attitude

We offer more than just best quality Weighted Blanket. Sometimes choosing the right Weighted Blanket for yourself, family members and friends might be confusing and energy sapping. We have put our resources together to provide you with some inspiration. We have put together guides and we include helpful tips for finding that perfect product for yourself, family members and friends.

  • Our Trusted and Reliable Brands

Giving you the best of service is our utmost priority. Your happiness is our top priority for each and every product we deliver. And with our trusted family of brands, we are absolutely sure you will get high quality Weighted Blanket from our site. We’ll be adding more products to the collection on a regular basis. If you have specific needs please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Our core values which have made us the very best among every other Weighted Blanket store include:

  • Absolute Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Service
  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness


We hope you enjoy our site and we request that you send us feedback with any questions/concerns/comments you might have regarding this site, its content, or our company as a whole. Our team’s knowledge is second to none. Whether you’ve got a question or are looking for the next big thing in quality Weighted Blanket, you’re in safe hands at Amy Garden Blanket.


You can also contact us via email at service@amygardenblanket.com and expect a quick and comprehensive answer during the business hours.

You’ve seen the rest, now partner with the best and enjoy the best of services in quality Weighted Blanket shopping and delivery.

Use Amy Garden Weighted Blanket with pride!!!